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Low testosterone levels affect many men as they age and the symptoms can be severe. Fatigue, low sex drive, poor sleep, decreased muscle mass, increased fat storage and mood swings are signs that the body is either not producing enough of this vital hormone or isn’t absorbing it properly. In fact, low testosterone affects anywhere from 2% of men over 30, 5% of men over 40 to a staggering 20% of men over 70. It’s a real problem, with some calling it the male version of menopause.

We listed here our best natural testosterone booster for men. This pure formulation goes to work on endocrine receptors responsible for testosterone production, and the results can be remarkable.


Boost Muscle Mass

The hormone testosterone plays a vital role in increasing and maintaining muscle mass. Exercising can sometimes damage the muscles and your body naturally combats this by a method called protein synthesis of which testosterone is the key ingredient. It is essential to keep up a high level of testosterone in the body to increase and maintain a healthy muscle mass level.

Energy and Stamina

Studies have shown that with a healthy diet and correct hormone balance your energy levels should stay relatively the same throughout your entire life. And for men this means an adequately normal testosterone level. In essence for men especially if you can manage to keep your testosterone levels even, you should have the same bounce in your step as you did when you were young.

More Sexual Desire

Testosterone is a key factor involved in a man’s sex drive, and directly effect’s his ability to make love. Sex drive differs for all men and the stamina your body needs during sex is also different, and even one round can be a struggle. To overcome this, a testosterone supplement such as Tough Guy will help you to be the best most enthusiastic lover you can be.

General Health and Vitality

It's a fact that proper levels of testosterone, in conjunction with other hormones in the body, are essential for a good balance. Having the right proportion of testosterone is a key factor in maintaining general health and overall vitality. From mental awareness to energy levels, this hormone is vital to a feeling of general happiness and well-being. Eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and maintaining proper testosterone levels with Tough Guy will keep the symptoms at bay and let you enjoy a full, satisfying life.


Tongkat Ali Extract 1:200 The Highest potency and most concentrated extract. Tongkat ali root has long been used as an aphrodisiac to increase sex drive and remedy for sexual disorders and symptoms of andropause.

Testesterone 500, is a power packed combo of potent plant extracts that promote healthy testerone levels. Tongkat ali, tribulus terresteris, and horny goat weed have been blended together to naturally support the body’s testerone production and optimize the body’s testerone levels.

Tribulus Terrestris is a traditional herb with a long history of use in Eastern Europe and China. Tribulus is very popular with athletes and body builders who want to optimize their muscle tone, and performance, as well as with men who want support for their sexual performance.

Musclemax Extreme a natural herbal formulation that will increase your muscle strength and bulk. MuscleMax is not only made for athletes but for every person who wants to become a sports person or who just wants to build strength.